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Short Path Distillation

Learn why short path distillation is the best choice to purify and concentrate your product. 


Lab services include extraction and distillation, pesticide remediation and terpene capture.

We take your raw biomass and convert into high-purity pharmaceutical grade distillate with greater than 95% purity. Terpene capture is available, and all terpenes are returned to the customer.

Learn more about how distillation works from this

Cosmetic Formulation

Varin Science can help you formulate your own unique cosmetic product, assist with product testing, and fulfill your orders. Choose from our in-house formations or let us help you create your own.

We have created a new “Clean Beauty” skin products that are contain safe, natural and nontoxic ingredients. To learn more about this project, click here.

Read more about CBD cosmetic formulation in the September 2020 issue of Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine. 

Beverages & Nanoemulsions

We use in-house distillates and other ingredients to produce nano emulsions suitable for beverages and other water soluble applications.

Our formulations can be made clear and with little bitter taste. We have several methods to create nanoemulsion including sonication, liposome, and other technolo

Pet & Equine Products

We have been successfully treated equine for several years and have documented the amazing resutls results this provides. Especially effective for older horses that have joint inflammation and other arthetic conditions.

Other Services

We can assist with nearly any product concept, whether it’s proof-of-concept, shelf-life studies, or packing. Call us today to discuss how we can turn your idea or dream