Varin Science

Dr. Paul C. Lessard

CEO/Founder & Chief Chemist

“Dr. Lessard is the CEO/ Founder and Chief Chemist at Varin Science in Santa Cruz, California. He and his team have over five years’ experience in the extraction and distillation of cannabis to create high purity, award-winning, pharmaceutical-grade THC and CBD medicinal products and formulations. Dr. Lessard and his team have developed technology in:

  • Four First Place product awards while CSO at the Herer Group including Best Distillate at the Emerald Cup in December 2018.
  • Catalytic Pesticide RemovalTM (patent pending), a unique process that removes pesticides from extracted biomass
  • White labeling commercial kitchen (CBD only)
  • Nanoemulsion beverage technology and solutions
  • Custom cosmetic, topical, tincture, pet, and vape formulations

His company, Varin Science, offers product development and formulation, emulsion, and nanoemulsion solutions as well as licensing, joint venture, and other collaborative opportunities in both North and South America. Dr. Lessard has a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of California, Davis, 1990, and a B.S. degree in Environmental Toxicology & Chemistry.

Paul LeClair

Director of Operations

A 30-year veteran of the cannabis industry, Mr. LeClair is a master grower and cannabis consultant with a background in product development, production proficiency, lab design and construction. He has experience in building vertical-integrated cannabis companies from seed-to-sale in several countries.

Before joining Varin Science, Mr. LeClair worked with international clients on business creation and strategic planning, greenhouse design, energy use and optimization, crop rotation schedules, and global sales. The international sales analysis required a complex and detailed evaluation of different countries’ import and export rules and regulations.

Jana Mogor

Social Marketing

Mrs. Mogor is the Office Manager and Social Marketing strategist. She has a degree in Nursing from the Marien Kliniken, St. Marien-Krankenhaus in Siegen Germany, and a Childhood Development from the Cabrillo College in California.