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Cannabis Lab

Cannabis Lab

Are you planning to build a cannabis manufacturing laboratory? Connecting with equipment vendors, optimizing floor plans, and getting equipment up and running can be a challenging and time-consuming task—but don’t worry, lab design architects got you covered! We have partnered with the best and most reliable vendors in the world to provide you with the best equipment at the best prices, and we have years of experience in setting up and operating cannabis laboratories around the globe—so we can help build your cannabis testing lab too!

Why worry about the type of heating oils, coolants, electrical connections, and other laboratory equipment while you are busy setting up your new business? A simple vacuum leak can be frustrating and may prevent you from operating for hours or days unless you know how to troubleshoot this issue. Allow Varin Science to take control of this tedious aspect of your project so that you can focus on building your new business.

Maybe you are looking to build your hemp or cannabis kitchen. Don’t make the mistake of using non-commercial-grade equipment and supplies in your operation. Don’t waste money buying under/oversized kitchens or equipment you don’t need. At Varin Science & Engineering, we can design and build a commercial-grade kitchen to suit all your needs.

Our team of professional laboratory technicians can handle everything from floorplan design, equipment selection, layout optimization, startup, and operations while meeting code compliance, safety protocols, and security. We will take care of all lab essentials to make your lab design a perfect workspace. Let us help you get over all the hurdles, so your road to success becomes easy. After the laboratory is up & running, we can prepare Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and train your staff. After all, your success is our success!