Varin Science

As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone. From your breakeven point to your cost of goods, your business is a unique operation with unique needs and, indeed, unique challenges. That’s why we offer a free consultation to help you determine how our products can best serve your business.

During your consultation, we will cover all of your bases and ensure that you are making a great decision for your hemp or cannabis business. You’ll leave feeling confident that your business is in good hands.

Want to know more about the floorplan options? Our team of experts will identify what layout would work best and discuss all of our options, so that when it comes time-to-start building or renovating in this space, there are no surprises downline!

Are you looking for a company who can help turn your product dreams into reality? No problem. If you can dream it, we can make it. That’s the motto at Varin Science, and it’s one that we take very seriously. No matter what product you’re looking for, chances are good that we can create it. 

We’ve got a long history of commercial success, having created over 40 different products ranging from flowers and tinctures to vape pens and nanoemulsions. Whatever your needs, we’ll work with you to create a custom solution that fits them perfectly.

Don’t know if your business location is ideal? Varin Science offers business location analysis. We’ll help you figure out if the spot you’re eyeing is ideal. We can help you decide if the location you chose is ideal, whether you should build in an existing building or starting from scratch.

Varin Science will also help you identify and discuss all of your equipment needs and options, from the best vendors in the world. We have partnered with the best and most reliable vendors in the world to provide only premium products at competitive prices – so that we can ensure customer satisfaction!

Wondering what documentation you will need? Our team of compliance experts can help answer any questions about the current regulations in your area and walk you through what documentation is needed for your area, and how much it might cost to get a business license or zoning approval!

Looking to get your staff trained and up to speed quickly? Our consultation will give you all the information you need about our various training options, so you can choose the best one for your needs. We offer comprehensive training for your staff, so you can be confident that your operation is running smoothly and efficiently.

Our team has a diverse and comprehensive group of creative project managers who know how to tackle many of the common issues facing companies today and excellent problem-solving skills. No matter the task, our team has your back. From managing projects and deadlines to brainstorming new ideas or solving complex problems for the first time – we’re ready at all times with a diverse range of skills in every corner imaginable!  Let us help you take your research to the next level – call us today for a free consultation!

Cultivation Services

Researcher at a laboratory design consultation service

With our seed-to-sale approach, we know the importance of knowing all the steps along the way to a successful Hemp or Best cannabis edibles venture. Let Varin Science assist you with all your hemp and cannabis cultivation and biomass needs, including:

  • Indoor/ Outdoor cultivation
  • Hybrid Green House
  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Strategic Marketing Services

We know how overwhelming Licensing, Compliance, and Quality Assurance can be. We’ve been in your shoes and have been through the process in multiple jurisdictions, states and counties. Whether a startup or an established company, let Varin Science guide you through all your licensing and compliance needs. With a sound Quality Assurance program in place, you can avoid costly delays and recalls. Having products in markets worldwide, we understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of regulations in viable markets. We can also help you identify markets worldwide and get your products compliant. So, taking assistance from an experienced company will guarantee smooth the path of success.

Source Material Selection

If you are looking to source Biomass and/or starting materials, we, along with our partners, have you covered. Our partners will deliver quality compliant products on time every time, including:

  • Biomass
  • Crude
  • Distillate
  • Isolate
  • Live resin
  • Terpenes
  • A wide range of cannabinoids

Ready to select your materials?