Formulation & Consultation


Our staff has created hundreds of vape pens, tinctures, topicals, cosmetics, and beverage solutions. We won First Place Best Distillate at the Emerald Cup in 2018 (See Below) and have in-house Ph.D. chemists to assist you with your most challenging product.

Our Clients


Every business has unique needs for how it should move forward. Some businesses have their laboratories optimized for production already, and simply need help finding cost-saving changes that won’t negatively impact production or quality. Other businesses have larger challenges to tackle, the biggest usually being “where to begin?” Our team has helped multiple cannabis companies get over the difficulties and roadblocks of the market. We work with clients to analyze where their business is at, where they want to go and how to best get from A to B. Trial and error is costly, time-consuming, and can cripple a business in its infancy. Let us put our experience to your use.


Licensing, Compliance and Strategic Marketing Services

We know how overwhelming Licensing, Compliance, and Quality Assurance can be. We’ve been in your shoes and have been through the process in multiple jurisdictions, states and counties. Whether you’re a startup or an established company let Varin Science and Engineering guide you through all your licensing and compliance needs. With a sound Quality Assurance program in place, you can avoid costly delays and recalls. Having products in markets around the world we understand the importance of knowing the ins and outs of regulations in viable markets. We can also help you identify markets around the world and get your products compliant.

Cultivation Services

With our seed-to-sale approach, we know the importance of knowing all the steps along the way to a successful Hemp or Cannabis venture. Let Varin Science and Engineering assist you with all your hemp and cannabis cultivation and biomass needs including:

• Indoor/ Outdoor cultivation
• Hybrid Green House
• Hydroponics
• Aquaponics
• Irrigation
• Lighting
• Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Source Material Selection Services

If you are looking to source Biomass and/or starting materials, we along with our partners have you covered. Our partners can deliver quality compliant product on time every time including:

• Biomass
• Crude
• Distillate
• Isolate
• Live resin
• Terpenes
• A wide range of cannabinoids

Our Awards

Emerald Cup 2018

Best Distillate, 1st Place

Santa Cruz Cup

Best Topical: 1st place Dr. D Relieve,

2019 Weedcon

Best THC infused oil, 1st place: Dr. Delights Snooze