Varin Science

Our Experience

Hemp and cannabis are a booming industry. With 40 years of cumulative experience, the staff at Varin Science has learned nearly all there is to know about cultivation techniques from propagating plants through the harvest process into manufacturing a wide variety of hemp and cannabis products.

The staff at Varin has created well over 40 commercial products, including flower, tinctures, vape pens, nanoemulsions, personal lubrication products, equine products, CBD-infused beverages and snacks, and pain-reducing topicals suppositories, concentrates, hair and cosmetic products, and many more. 

In addition to their extensive experience in the hemp and cannabis industry, Varin Science’s staff knows the ins and outs of running a successful business. Their team has decades of experience in building vertical-integrated cannabis companies from seed-to-sale which has led them not only being able to significantly reduce disruption and quality problems with suppliers, but also quicker turnaround times which result in improved profitability. They have overseen dozens of product rollouts for this booming market- from formulations to getting products onto shelves and even into competitions. Many of their products have won awards from the Emerald Cup, CBD Expo West, and a sweep of almost every category in the Beverly Hills Weed Con 2019.

Varin Science has an extensive knowledge of the latest innovations in cannabis technology that include working on lab design and energy optimization. Their years of experience in crop rotation schedules and global sales expansion have helped them achieve business profitability through accessibility around sustainability goals for cannabis businesses worldwide. The complexity of international sales analysis has required an in-depth knowledge about different countries’ import and export rules, which is crucial for companies that want to avoid potential legal setbacks when it comes down to production.

The experts at Varin Science have designed a unique and highly successful system for lab design based on the business’s individual needs. They use an approach that assesses production goals, available power as well as necessary equipment to meet or exceed those targets through reverse engineering of processes from start-to-finish in order to create optimal settings within each facility according to its location – all while considering costs involved. This method allows businesses to run through all factors with a fine tooth comb, ensuring quality labs while considering expense or time required for processing paperwork.

With Varin’s 40 plus cumulative years of experience in the hemp and cannabis industry as well as business, marketing, lab design and product development, Varin Science is your one stop shop for all your business’s needs.

They don’t just stop at lab design. They can set you up with all the tools needed to run a successful cannabis business from Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and product launch to staff training. No matter what your vision is, they can make it a reality. With their expertise and experience, you’re guaranteed success from day one.

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