Varin Science

Why Varin Science Engineering

Looking to set up a hemp or cannabis lab? Varin Science has you covered! We offer a turn-key solution that covers everything from floor plan design and equipment selection to startup and operations, all while meeting code compliance, safety protocols, and security requirements. Don’t risk making a simple mistake that could cost your business thousands or jeopardize your company’s success.

There are so many decisions to make when starting a cannabis business, which can lead you down an infinite number of paths. This leads some people into frustration or financial loss before they even get off the ground. Something as simple as a vacuum leak can be frustrating and costly as it can prevent you from operating for hours or even days unless you know how to troubleshoot this issue. Our technicians will take care of those pesky little things like vacuum leaks to minimize downtime.

If you’re looking for a top-notch lab design, you need Varin Science on your team. Our skilled architects will help you determine the best type of space for your needs, so you can maximize your production flow and efficiency, and get more business. You may not be aware of this, but selecting the correct scale and throughput for your lab can make all-the difference. If your lab is too big, your operation won’t generate enough business to keep the facility going; too small and it may lead to seeking out other supporting labs which will cost both time and money in construction efforts.

Finding the right equipment for your lab’s unique needs can also be a hassle. Unlike other industries, in the cannabis and hemp industry, there is no one standard for everything. State laws vary from state-to-state as well as what equipment will be needed at your lab based on its needs – usually you’ll spend hours researching local guidelines before construction begins! Don’t worry, Varin Science will make sure that the project meets code compliance in every state where it operates so there are never endless amounts of research again!

Don’t forget about the paperwork! When you work with Varin Science, you can be sure that all the paperwork is in order for your project. We know that having the proper documentation is essential for a successful project – without it, you could be delayed in starting up your new business or lose permits necessary to begin work on site. At Varin Science, we don’t let any documents fall through the cracks!
Furthermore, Varin Science understands that safety is an integral part of lab operations. At Varin Science our goal is to provide lab users with the information they need in order to not only safely operate their equipment but also follow all relevant codes. We offer safety services that include fire protection systems, proper ingress and egress as well as proper extraction methods such CO2 or flammable liquids so you can stay compliant when working on these projects!

With so many things to consider when building a hemp or cannabis lab, Varin Science is here for you! We provide an end-to-end service from design and construction through operations. Our team of professionals can handle everything including floor plan selection with ease as well as equipment selection, layout optimization, startup, training, and operations while meeting code compliance, safety protocols, and security. With our help, your laboratory will be up and running in no time – and we can even prepare SOPs and train your staff. So why wait? Let us help you design and build your perfect hemp or cannabis lab today!